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EmotionInc combines psychology, communication, and digital technology to shape desired behavior in healthcare and consumer markets.

Conduct emotion-based research

Using methodologies adapted from clinical psychotherapy to identify and understand the specific emotions that drive targeted behavior.

Develop strategy

Based on the premise that emotions are the behavioral trigger mechanisms in every needs-based behavioral model. The challenge is to differentiate emotions by their location and power, using them as a foundation of a plan to achieve objectives.

Create communication

Using emotion to establish an immediate and powerful connect with target audiences. Developed and produced by world-class creative team.

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Robert Perkins

President – Chiat Day New York

Head of Worldwide Marketing / Licensing – Calvin Klein

Lead Director – 24/7 Real Media prior to sale to WPP

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Emotion Research – Fortune 500 clients

Member: American Psychological Association      


Psychology Today blog

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The Garfinkel Group  

Lee is winner of Cannes “Lion” awards for campaigns

for Subaru, Pepsi, Mercedes, Beneficial, and Heineken.        

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